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Grid Dynamics Kharkiv

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Explore the latest in Devops world! Don't miss out on your chance to benefit from the networking opportunities; join Dynamic Talks in Kharkiv. RSVP: http://eepurl.com/dJBrvU Welcome to Dynamic Talks - Devops meetup in Kharkiv with two industry titans as speakers. The first speaker will be Anatolii Kaliuzhnyi, Lead DevOps Engineer, who will present “Kubernetes cluster as Jenkins slaves”. He has been working on that solution for a year and was involved in implementing it in a large enterprise company. In his talk, we’ll be able to see how using Kubernetes cluster as a slave cluster for Jenkins to leverage efficient management of load and resources will allow tackling the task to have an efficient infrastructure with less effort and investment. Our second speaker Dmytro Zamaruiev, Senior DevOps/Cloud Architect at Grid Dynamics, is planning to share his speech: “Introduction into Chaos Engineering”. Working in a DevOps field for more than 15 years he witnessed customer infrastructure expansion into clouds and problems that surround such migrations. One of the emerging requirements from customers is to detect possible problems on already running systems. Dmytro will talk about Chaos engineering - discipline aimed specifically for that. Join us! We’ll be having a pizza and many opportunities to network with colleagues. Sign up for free here -- http://eepurl.com/dJBrvU If any questions please contact: +380950835410 or email: etereshchenko@griddynamics.com (Katya)

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